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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access mentoring support if I'm not sure if I'm neurodivergent, or don't have a diagnosis?

Yes!  I'm fully accepting of self-identification / self-diagnosis, and am happy to welcome those who may be questioning their neurotype and would like support to explore this.


Can I access mentoring support if I'm non-speaking or not reliably speaking? 

Yes, everyone is welcome to use the communication method that works for them.  Support can be delivered via video, call, email or instant message, and clients are welcome to type, use AAC, write down their thoughts or use other methods that support their communication.
I myself have times when I am non-speaking, though not usually when working.   

How is support delivered?

1:1 sessions can be delivered via videocall, voice call or instant message (via Google Meet or Whatsapp). 

How often should I attend mentoring sessions?

Weekly is usually recommended, but this varies between individuals and depends on your goals and circumstances.   There is no obligation to attend at any particular frequency, although regularly is best!  

How long should I attend mentoring for? Can I get long-term support?


Harlow Mentoring support is designed to be medium to long term, and there is no limit to how long you can access our services for!  Equally, I am happy to offer one-off or short-term support after discussing the limitations.

Can I access your mentoring support in person?

No, my sessions are only offered online. 

Can I see you at short-notice or urgently in an emergency?


Mentoring is not a crisis service, and clients should not expect to receive emergency support.  Sessions may be able to be booked at short-notice depending on availability and mentor capacity, however this cannot be guaranteed and advanced booking is always recommended. 

Can I contact you between mentoring sessions?

Clients are welcome to text/email between sessions to discuss bookings and cancellations, as well as send over any thoughts ahead of their sessions, however no support will be provided outside of booked sessions.



How soon can I expect a response to my email or text?

I aim to respond to all queries as soon as possible, generally within 2 working days. 


What qualifications, experience and accreditations do you have?

Click here. 


Is mentoring like therapy, or an alternative to therapy?

Mentoring is not a mental health treatment and is not intended to replace mental health treatment.  I cannot diagnose or treat any mental health conditions.  

Can I access mentoring if I have mental health difficulties or diagnoses?

Yes, however mentoring cannot replace or be a substitute for mental health support and I recommend that you are receiving treatment for your mental health alongside mentoring.

What are your data protection and confidentiality policies?

My policies can be found here.

Can I access mentoring support if I have other disabilities or health conditions as well as neurodivergence/suspected neurodivergence?

Yes, of course!  I have good knowledge of disability and a range of health conditions including chronic illness due to lived experience, my work as a DSA assessor and support worker, and personal interest in health and disability.  I believe that people are experts in their own experience and will validate your experiences of your condition, and be happy to research your condition to improve my understanding. 

What are my responsibilities as a mentoring client? 

Clients are expected to follow policies outlined in the mentoring support agreement provided at the consultation stage, including guidance on booking and cancellations, mentor/client boundaries, xxxx. 
You will get the most from your support by actively engaging in sessions, communicating as openly as you feel comfortable and putting effort into ....

Is your mentoring support LGBTQIA+ friendly? 

Yes! Harlow is queer-owned and run, and I am inclusive and affirming of all LGBTQIA+ identities.  We are also inclusive of alternative relationship styles such as non-monogamy.

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