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About Me

Hi! I'm Jade Harlow.  I'm autistic/ADHD, and a specialist mentor for neurodivergent (and questioning) adults.  I love working with the LGBTQIA+ community of which I am part of.  

I live in rural Mid Wales with my rescue greyhound, Wednesday.  As well as working as a mentor, I'm studying a Master's degree in Inclusion (specialising in autistic adults).  My special interests are neurodivergence and disability, tattoos and greyhounds.  I also love crochet, gardening, colourful stationary, art, baking and nature. 

Head and shoulders of a white, non-binary adult with shoulder length curly brown hair and a short fringe, wearing a black cardigan.  They are smiling softly

Education, Qualifications
  and Experience

Particular areas of interest

  • Lived experience as an autistic/ADHD and otherwise disabled individual 

  • BSc Social Science (1:1)

  • Currently studying MA Inclusion (Autism Adults pathway)

  • 5 years of autism and mental health support work experience

  • 1 year as a Disabled Students Allowance Assessor

  • 2 years as a Specialist Mentor for autistic and ADHD university students

  • Extensive Continuous Professional Development (research, training and further education) 

  • masking

  • burnout 

  • demand avoidance / drive for autonomy 

  • alternative relationship styles 

  • gender identity

  • sexuality 

  • the interaction between neurodivergence
    and co-occurring conditions 

  • the neurodivergent experience of chronic illness and chronic pain 

My beliefs about neurodivergence 

I believe that neurodivergence is a natural and valuable part of human diversity; I see autism, ADHD and other neurotypes as differences, not deficits.  We have unique ways of experiencing and interacting with the world, including our personal profiles of strengths and difficulties.  I take a strengths-based neuro-affirming approach to mentoring and love to support people to identify and apply their abilities and skills.  However, I also believe that it's perfectly valid to not be working towards self-improvement and to desire maintenance not growth.  I also recognise that neurodivergence can be disabling, and support my clients to navigate challenges.  

My aim is to support you to be your best neurodivergent self! 

My Goals

  • to provide inclusive, personalised and neuro-affirming mentoring support to neurodivergent and questioning adults

  • to promote autonomy and advocacy

  • to share knowledge and resources and improve access to autism research literature

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