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What is mentoring? 

Mentoring is a collaborative relationship which is traditionally focused on self-development and supporting the mentee to reach their potential.  


Mentoring is not a substitute for counselling, therapy or mental health treatment, and does not provide medical advice.   

My mentoring sessions are confidential, one-to-one, person-centred sessions, facilitated by an autistic and ADHD mentor with lived experience of neurodivergence as well as academic and professional training.   I support people to understand their neurodivergence and its relationship to their strengths, skills and challenges.  All sessions are adapted and personalised to you, and you have full control over what we do; I can provide suggestions and direction if needed.  


During sessions, you have my undivided attention as we work together to address your priorities, whether that be self-improvement, maintaining your current lifestyle or tackling challenges. It's okay if you don't know what your priorities are - we can figure that out.   

Support is delivered by phone or online, by your preferred method.  This could be video call (with cameras on or off), phone call, text chat or email.  Video calls allow me to share my screen to show resources, but this isn't essential.  


As a trusting relationship is key to mentoring support, my sessions are intended as medium- to long-term support for as long as you need or want to continue (with no pressure or obligation to keep going).   However, short-term may be considered. 


How could it benefit me?

Potential benefits of mentoring are very individual, but may include:

  • recieving adapted and personalised suggestions of resources and strategies

  • relating to someone with similar lived experience and validation of your feelings and perspectives

  • an opportunity for discussion, brainstorming and organising thoughts

  • support and encouragement

  • a different perspective

  • dedicated time and space for yourself and your needs

  • identifying and working towards your goals 

  • sharing of knowledge and tips 

  • a confidential space to offload your thoughts 

What do mentoring sessions look like?
The structure and content of sessions depends on the client's wishes, but often includes: active listening and reflection; brainstorming; sharing of lived experiences; sharing of resources such as books, podcasts, music, videos or memes; setting and working towards goals; planning; development of skills such as time management or self-advocacy; 


I may also signpost you to other support services if you're facing challenges outside the scope of mentoring.  

I am not currently open to new clients, but if you are interested in working with me in the future, please get in touch.

Potential topics, include, but are not limited to: 

- communication and relationships with acquaintances, friends, colleagues, family and partners 

- time management and organisation 

- creation of routines 

- seeking and maintaining employment 

- household management 

- identifying and working towards goals 

- maintaining mental and physical wellbeing 

- exploring whether you might be neurodivergent 
- understanding your neurotype and needs  
- support through the assessment process 

- identifying strengths and skills 

- developing weaker skills in a neuro-affirming way 


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1:1 mentoring sessions

50min or 25min one to one sessions, by video, phonecall, email or text

discounted block bookings

recieve a discount if booking multiple sessions in advance

reduced cost services

a limited number of reduced/no cost mentoring sessions are available, click here to find out more.

Get in touch

1hr - £50
30min - £30

  • Find out whether mentoring support could suit you

    30 min

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