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Reduced cost services

It's important to me that everyone can access support, regardless of income-status.  I offer reduced-cost mentoring services to anyone who would otherwise be unable to access support or would experience financial hardship by paying full fees.  

If my services are not currently affordable for you but you feel that they would benefit you, please get in touch or book a free consultation to discuss.  Please note that the availability of reduced-cost sessions may vary, and there may be a waiting list.

You can also express interest by filling out
this form.


My Mission

- provide neurodiversity docused and afirming mentoring support to neurodivergent and wuestioning adults regardless regarless of diagnosis status

- gender/sexuality affirming 

- inclusive, accessible and affordable support that accomodates and adapts to individual needs and preferences  and accomodating, adapt to individual needs and preferences 

- adapted to individual 

- autonomy and advocacy but supprtive 

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